Enegry Transformation sessions


Infusing Reiki and ancient healing practices

Over 20 years experience in the healing field

Tracie is a Master Energy Healer infusing Reiki and bespoke healing practices in all her sessions.

She works with the energy meridians and centres, using her own unique blend of Ancient Sacred oils (S.C.D oil) to balance, unblock and elevate the energy systems of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Each centre is closely linked and connected to the energy epicentre, of which are aligned with corresponding organs and glands It Is imperative that all of these centres remain unblocked and ‘in flow’ to promote peak health.

* Energy Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine. If in doubt consult a GP.




How does it work?

Every living thing in the Universe is made up of Energy. We are all made up of atoms, vibrating at a certain frequency - we are Energy.

When our frequency is vibrating at an optimum level, we feel healthier and happier, on a physical, emotional and mental level - and more able to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

This frequency can fluctuate, depending on our health and our emotional and spiritual well being.

Energy balancing and healing is a way to create the space within the human energy system to allow for the bodies innate healing mechanisms to do their work.

Stress, diet and external circumstances can cause blockages within the bodies energy system.

The energy practitioner will act as a facilitator to channel the universal energy to enable the nervous system to relax and to clear any blockages and disturbances within the bodies energy system that may be corrupting the natural flow of energy and vibration.

This balancing will leave the recipient feeling happier and more vibrant as a result.

How will I feel afterwards?

We cannot stop life having an effect on the energy system, but we can support our wellbeing with energy healing and balancing to restore the bodies natural equilibrium.

People attest to feeling lighter, more relaxed and happier after an energy healing session.

Some clients feel more able to cope with life's challenges, and feel the on-going effects of the session influencing their every day wellbeing.

Energy Healing is a very personal and individual process, so every person and session can be quite unique.

At the very least, a session can bring deeper levels of relaxation and restore the natural vibrational frequency, and at the most - It can be transformational.

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Price list

Full Body Session:

  • First Session: 90 mins £195

  • Follow up full body Session: 50mins £165

  • x3 Full Body Healing Sessions – Highly Recommended for optimal results £465 (to be used within 3 months – expires after 6 months)

  • x6 Full Body Healing Sessions: £870 (to be used within 6 months – expires after 12 months)

Head and spiritual eye session:

Working on the Head, Crown, Spiritual Eye and Throat energy centres.

  • x 1 Session: 40 mins £120

  • x 3 Sessions: £297 (to be used within 3 months – expires after 6 months)


For more information email: tracie@traciecant.com