S.C.D Oil

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a unique, hand crafted blend of pure ancient sacred oils

S.C.D oil - is a unique, hand crafted blend of pure ancient sacred oils, chosen for their innate high vibratory frequency and healing potential. With a divine scent and a transcendental quality, they straddle the earthly and the ethereal realms to create something truly original.

Use in meditation, healing and every day general well-being

'In Ancient Times, the ritual of 'anointing' was reserved for a saints and Kings, to inspire a
divine purpose or presence'.

German physicist Henrich Hertz, discovered that Ancient Oils have a measurable electro-magnetic frequency. This frequency is quantifiable, due to the cycles of energy vibrating faster, and the vibrational frequency raising.

‘When high vibratory oils are used, they can assist in the elevating
our frequency, promoting healing and well-being’.

Bruce Tainio, the microbiologist, also discovered that there appears to be a correlation between a lower vibrating energy system and disease. So, from a heath point of view - it makes sense to keep the system vibrating at a higher frequency. When we raise the frequency of our energy system, not only do we have a greater capacity and potential for self healing, but we also create a space for Inspiration.

 To create from this state of inspiration is something truly SaCreD.


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