THE LUXURY SPA EDIT — How Ancient Oils Help With Modern Lifestyles

Tracie Cant is an alchemist – for she can change the way your body feels, how you look and how you perform in just one session. She can even help you change the way you live.


Mind you she does not do it all on her own. First, she needs her own specially blended sacred oils, then she calls into play her years of training and study and then of course, she needs your body, your problems, your state of mind and your needs. An energy healer when she is not occupied in her day job as one of the country’s top session hairstylists, she lives what she teaches and she ensures that each client leaves her care with a clear idea of what they should do, what they need to eat and what elements of both movement and stillness they need to introduce to their way of life. For although she is a reiki practitioner she is also a holistic nutritionist and an inspiration.

Each of her energy transformation sessions is a fusion of relaxation, stress management and a master class in understanding the bio-magnetic frequency of the body! Not as scary as it sounds as she very simply explains that the body is a pure energy centre and everything is hunky dory when it is working perfectly well and everything is flowing easily. However everything from stress, pollution, how we eat, what we eat, anxiety and sickness can interrupt that flow. Her role is to help clear the blockages and allow the good energy to return to nurture and care.

She does all of this in the Harley Street clinic of facial guru Nichola Joss… and the first thing clients are aware of is the gentle but exotic scent that surrounds the atmosphere when they arrive. It is that of Tracie’s S.C.D (SaCreD) oil, the key to her therapy and her energy transformation sessions. After almost twenty years of study and research, the oil is Tracie’s trademark and she advocates its use not just to clients but also to the many models and celebrities she works with…many of whom have become devotees. It is essential according to its founder in helping the body to discover, or kickstart, its own natural healing system.


She uses it and advocates its use every day. “You only need a tiny amount and its comfort and energy will stay with you, as will its fragrance, “ she says. “ It is part of my morning routine and I encourage my clients to make it part of theirs.” In fact she is a firm believer in the morning routine. “It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, but it is a great way to start each day, to grant yourself a stress-free beginning. In fact, almost every wellness guru you can think of has a morning routine.” Hers consists of stretching, yoga and meditation followed by a glass of water and a green juice before she finally embraces the day with a bullet coffee!

Nutrition plays a large part in Tracie’s therapy as she begins a session with each new client questioning what they eat – she also trained as a holistic nutritionist – and ends with advice on what they should look for in their intake of food and drink. “It’s all very well drinking lots of water but if you have cut down on your fats you will still end up dehydrated, “ she states, pointing out that we need some oil in the body to hold that water where it is needed. She also recommends a juice day once a week and the occasional weekend fast. The way she describes such disciplines make it all sound so easy… but then after an energy transformation session or two and a little drop of her S.C.D oil perhaps we will all find it easier to care for ourselves the Tracie Cant way.

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Phil Armson