To celebrate Wellbeing Week, we have an article by Tracie Cant – International Session Hairstylist, Holistic Health Consultant, S.C.D oil founder and writer. The article is all about achieving the healthiest version of yourself, no matter what your genes might be.

Epigenetics is a relatively new science, exploring the effect of environment and lifestyle in relation to gene expression, and biology. Nurture shapes Nature. Nature, being everything pertaining to the biological and Nurture being anything that occurs during the life span – social experience, nutrition, exercise, sleep, toxin exposure and relationships.

Many internal and external factors have a major influence on gene expression, and in turn affect every living experience – to produce differences in health, behaviour, cognition, personality and mental health.


On a very basic level, we are all aware that good hydration is closely related to health.

Inside our body, when a cell is sufficiently hydrated, it swells and plumps up. It remains permeable, and allows water, electrolytes and waste to move through the cell membrane. When a cell is functioning at its highest potential, it allows the ‘day night exchange’ to take place as we sleep. This is the exchange of electrolytes – which allows all bodily functions to perform in rhythm. The ph and temperature will remain stable, creating an alkalised environment. When the cell and system are not overly acidic – the actuality of bacteria and viruses forming is slim as the cells will repair themselves. Autoimmune response, Inflammation levels, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and even cancer are all related to inflammation.

Good Fats are an important factor when looking at nutrition, as they hold the message of hydration in the body.

“To hydrate your skin, it’s necessary to use products that are kind to it and that contain high quality humectants which are the ingredients in skincare that moisturize your skin. All of Orveda products are enriched with high hydrators such as botanical glycerin and hyaluronic acids. In the hot weather, your go-to Orveda glow activators would be Sheer Brew Botanical Gel, The Prebiotic Emulsion, Botanical Poultice Imperfections Minimizer and Overnight Skin Recovery Masque.”

Sue Nabi, Orveda Founder & CEO


When we sleep, we go through 4 different metaphysical phases.

In stage one the brain is slowing down. In stage two, the breathing slows down and the temperature drops. In stage 3 and 4 – this is considered to be a deeper sleep, the breathing slows down further and the blood pressure and body temperature drops. This is know as ‘slow wave sleep’ – the brain waves are at their slowest. This is the most regenerative sleep – scientist believe that most of the protein building and hormone release is done at this level of sleep.

Besides the obvious benefits of having a deep and relaxing night sleep, the functions that take place during the sleeping phase are of paramount importance to the detoxing and rejuvenation of the system.

“What happens to your skin while you sleep? During the first few hours of deep sleep your skin starts to loose water, a process called ‘natural moisture loss’. However, during the night it then starts to recover from this loss of water. The best way to wake up to beautifully smooth and hydrated skin is to prevent the moisture loss that occurs at the beginning of your sleep cycle. Orveda Overnight Skin Recovery Masque is a miracle worker when it comes to dehydration, reducing overnight water loss by 87% – thanks to the botanical glycerine known for its nourishing and anti overnight-dehydration power; and to the bamboo water and 2 hyaluronic acids known for their hydrating properties.”

Sue Nabi, Orveda Founder & CEO


The key benefit of exercise is the normalisation of glucose, insulin and leptin levels. When we exercise, the muscles use glucose and ATP for energy, to activate and move the muscles. The blood supply will become oxygenated and feed to the muscles, body and brain. The benefits are numerous:

  • Oxygenated blood flowing to the brain, will result in the growth of new brain cells, this will boost memory and learning capabilities.

  • Also boosting the innate intelligence to turn genes on or off – protecting the brain and body from all manner of degenerative diseases – as Alzheimer’s, cancer and stroke. This of course is beneficial to offset the ageing process and all age-related decline.

  • The release of Neurotransmitters during exercise triggers Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine, Glutamine and GABA production, which are all of major importance to well-being.

It also helps bone mass density (weight resistance training) and posture.

“Don’t forget your face muscles! All Orveda products come with a tool to promote self-massage – which is scientifically proven to activate the production of collagen and elastin (the support proteins of the skin), relaxing the muscles leaving it looking firm and lifted.”

Sue Nabi, Orveda Founder & CEO

The Brain

When we exercise – the body registers as a stress response and goes in to flight mode as a form of self protection. A protein is formed, BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) – this natural protection triggers a reset response to the brain – causing a feeling of euphoria. Exercise builds a brain that resists shrinkage and increases cognitive abilities, nerves strengthen and increase their interconnectedness.

Deep Breathing and Toxins

Many diseases are a result of having unclean blood in the system and the body being unable to release toxins adequately. Deep breathing can assist in the detoxification process – 70% of toxic waste is released via the breath. Clean and oxygenated blood cleans the cells and tissue, it also removes waste and toxins – as a natural transport system. When toxins and waste are not allowed to build up – disease and illness have less chance of developing and taking over the system.


Scientist have found that during mediation, the left frontal lobe of the brain associated with laughter ‘the happy brain’ is unstuck. As a result, the mechanisms are freed up that create effective creativity and problem solving. People are more playful when they are happy – so more likely to exercise on a regular basis and so promoting higher self-esteem and vibrant Health.

Happiness creates a happy heart and lowers blood pressure, resulting in less stress.

“When you meditate, the stress hormone Cortisol naturally starts to come down leaving you more relaxed. Stress can come from so many varying factors in our day to day life. When you start to age, one of those factors becomes the media bombarding us with anti-ageing messages and unrealistic expectations. Orveda is an anti anti-ageing brand – we believe that your skin can and will glow at any age if you treat it properly. Reinforcing these pro-age messages will have a positive effect on your mind-set and wellbeing.”

Sue Nabi, Orveda Founder & CEO

That’s why Epigenetics is so powerful and important – where you live, how you live and with whom you live, affects everything.

The Importance of Eating Organic

There are around 25 chemicals to be found in a non-organic apple. Organic food can contain 50% more vitamins and minerals than non-organic produce (must be certified by quality assurance international standards).

Organic farms are more conscious to the land the soil – we have the biggest soil erosion problem in history. If we eat organic, farmers will be forced to supply and demand standards – if we don’t buy it they won’t make it. Pesticides and herbicides have been cited as harmful to all health and to the health of our planet.

“When you are more conscious with the land soil, the food is healthier and more nutrition-dense. The same goes for the skin. Here at Orveda we see the skin as a me-cosystem that needs to be fertilized properly with prebiotic-rich products that feed the good skin bacteria, like you would do with natural fertilizers for the soil. Orveda The Healing Sap™ and The Prebiotic Emulsionare our hero

‘natural skin fertilizers’ for the skin microbiome.”

Sue Nabi, Orveda Founder & CEO

It is imperative to respect the ecosystem, animal and insects – all life. Holistic life means all interdependent parts are all part of the whole, If one is out of balance, it’s like the butterfly effect – everything is out of balance. We need to restore balance to the whole system, the Microcosm and the macrocosm – as above so below.

All ideas are my own, if in doubt – seek advice from a GP. Tracie Cant.

Phil Armson