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Tracie Cant works as a top hair stylist for publications such as VOGUE, Elle, W, Stylist and Wonderland. Also an entrepreneur, Tracie has developed her own essential oil product, SCD Oil  - a blend of essential oils used for aromatherapy, relaxation and healing. Her time is often split between the UK and USA styling the tresses of fashion’s elite and Hollywood’s A-list. 

“To maintain healthy energy levels, I am a great believer in the ‘morning routine,’ especially when life presents itself as hectic and busy. At such times, invariably, this is when ‘looking after ourselves’- falls a little short. My  personal routine involves morning meditation and yoga - to awaken and to strengthen mind and body. I use S.C.D oil every day, for meditation and healing – it also has a unique natural scent that smells divine.

I also take super greens before breakfast, to alkalise and energise my system. If I have less time, I will do a shorter routine. Taking a mere ten minutes to set up the day can still be majorly beneficial.

...The key to feeling and looking good (in my opinion) is largely about cultivating vibrant health and elevated energy levels. When a person leaves after having their look created, I want nothing more than for them to feel elevated and beautiful. I take pleasure in thinking that they leave feeling truly empowered and ready to face the world.” - @traciecant

Phil Armson