‘Ellen The Light’ is the first in the 'Homo Luminous Series’

Tracie’s debut novel 'Ellen The Light' is the first in the 'The Homo Luminous Series' and unites her two worlds, uniquely and beautifully, creating an astounding existential journey into the parallel realms of the unseen.

Tracie has travelled far and wide to train with healers and shamans, gathering insight and knowledge about the true self. She is also a practicing Quantum Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Meridian Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist. This wisdom and insight is woven throughout the book.

Tracies's Aunts copy.png

My Two Aunts

The books were inspired by her aunts; two powerful, self-made women. Teresa, who drove a Rolls Royce and was an Ambassador for the Variety Club of Britain; and Ellen, one of Britain’s first female property developers. Together, they taught me about the power of self and the reality of transformation, and to know that anything is possible.

Ellen represents the emerging existential voice of the new evolving paradigm
A recognition that true empowerment lies within all of us

The main character, Ellen is an evocative and empowering voice; one who every awakened woman will identify and resonate with. She is born out of an emerging age, when women are slowly starting to wake up and rise out of the ashes of conformity, finding their voices and their liberation, both sexually and spiritually. Ellen is a joyous product of that liberation.

From the backdrop of her past life and traumatic and humble beginnings, of a daily struggle of survival and starvation of 1880s London street life; she triumphs, in her present life, creating her status in the world as one of the most sort after super models of the international 90s circuit. But seemingly having it all, never completes Ellen and after unexpected events in Paris, she is propelled along a path of soul retrieval and self-discovery that change her life forever.

She sets off on an ancestral karmic journey, revisiting both her past and her future, in a beautifully entwined dual time saga. She slowly pieces together the fragments of her self and across three generations, to ultimately reveal her final truth. However, a dark stranger shadows her existence and only when he is silenced will Ellen be able to continue her journey and free herself.

Ellen represents the emerging existential voice of the new evolving paradigm. A recognition that true empowerment lies within all of us. It is the face of our ancestral power, to courageously explore the hidden complexities of the psyche. She is a testament to the soul of every woman, to the imprint and power of a love that never dies and of the ultimate eternal love that is truth. Subtle in its message but clear to the attuned listener, the book demonstrates that it is never too late to explore the hidden depths of truth and to be open for healing and forgiveness. Nothing is final; not even death.

Tracie is currently in the process of publishing the first book in the series and hope that it will be available to purchase in 2020